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Ashley O

The Conversation: 7am - 7:30am | Weekends

Hi! I'm Ashley O, a native south Floridian. I have both a husband and daughter, so sleep is not something I'm familiar with, but would love to be reacquainted. Currently, I'm obsessed with my little girl, backgammon (all challenges welcome), ALL cooking shows, La Spada's (free subs accepted), and sleep...whenever I can get it.

Here are some more tidbits...


First Concert: No Doubt at Coral Sky Amphitheater (now known as the Cruzan, but its forever Coral Sky to me.)


Most Memorable Concert: Green Day at the Triple A. Epic.


Movie I Could Watch Endlessly: It's a tie between Dirty Dancing and UP!


Sports Team: GATORS, Dolphins, Fort Lauderdale High School Flying L’s (holler Alma Mater) Heat, Marlins and Panthers. So basically...GO FLORIDA!!!


Guilty Pleasure: Watching Glee and signing into a hairbrush...True Story. I also enjoy hanging out with my girls at the local Liki Tiki because, let's face it, when you’re a mom, getting a breather with your gals is priceless for your sanity.


Foodie Hotspots:

  • Subs: Laspada’s The Original on Commercial. No beach trip is complete it out it.
  • BBQ: Tom Jenkins. You can smell the smoker from 17th street to the tunnel.  
  • Cheeseburger: Jack's Old Fashioned. They grind their own cow, so people...what's not to love?  
  • Best Overall: Primanti Brothers on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Their front door key was tossed into the Atlantic after they opened, so they never close...and who would have thought coleslaw was good on roast beef? Brilliant.


Life Motto: Know thy self and then be thy self.


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