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Toni Gonzalez

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Well, my last name is Gonzalez and I live in Miami, so needless to say...I'm CUBAN!


I have grown up in South Florida from the age of 2 and honestly have zero desire to ever leave.  I love our city and this is where the most important people in my life family! I'm a product of the public school system, so blame goes in this order...Coral Way Elementary, Shenandoah Middle School, Coral Gables Senior, then FIU! Go Golden Panthers!  I also love music and video.  


Why is this starting to resemble my profile? 


Switching gears... I've been in radio since the age of 20.   Worked for an AM station that no longer exists, then a sports station, dance station, rock station... and now having the best time on HITS 97-3!   Yes, that's all over the place, but once you get to know me, you'll realize I am all over the place.  For example, I watch my movies at O Cinema, and like my Cuban food from Versailles. I shop at Jessie Boutique and Goodwill.  I'm just as happy doing the Second Saturday Art walk as I am taking advantage of the Caja China in my parents backyard!  I also used to work for the Miami Herald and currently doing some TV work, but enough about me, let's talk about you! I would love to know who's out there listening.

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