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Posted: 5:07 p.m. Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ain't It Fun: Hayley Williams Of Paramore 


Hayley Williams Of Paramore photo
Hayley Williams Of Paramore
Paramore photo
The MonumenTour With Fall Out Boy & Paramore photo
The MonumenTour With Fall Out Boy & Paramore
Hayley Williams Of Paramore "Ain't It Fun" photo
Hayley Williams Of Paramore "Ain't It Fun"
Paramore photo

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By Toni Gonzalez

The colorful Hayley Williams recently celebrated 10 years as the lead vocalist of Paramore!

Hayley has travelled all over the world, but Florida will always be a special place for her.

I recently caught up with Hayley to chat about music, hair, the upcoming MonumenTour, and more!

Hayley, being the lead vocalist of Paramore for 10 years now, how does it feel to have the bands biggest hit to date with "Ain't It Fun"? (Click For Hayley's Answer)

Hayley, what is the message behind the song "Ain't It Fun"? (Click For Hayley's Answer)

Paramore will be making their South Florida return at the Cruzan Amphitheater with Fall Out Boy on July 25th. What excites you most about The MonumenTour? (Click For Hayley's Answer)

Hayley, you've been to South Florida before, so finish this sentence. "The first thing I think about when I think about South Florida is..."? (Click For Hayley's Answer)

What song is currently stuck in your head that is NOT a Paramore song? (Click For Hayley's Answer)

Hayley, it's been said that Paramore has undergone a "pop makeover". Do you agree with that? (Click For Hayley's Answer)

If you could write a response song to any current song, what song would you reply to and why? (Click For Hayley's Answer)

Hayley, many artists seem to be all about colorful hair...again. Who does yours and how to you decide what color to go with? (Click For Hayley's Answer)

Miami LOVES music cruises! Will you be bringing the Paramore Cruise back to Miami? (Click For Hayley's Answer)

Hayley, the stage is yours...any message you would like to convey to your loyal Miami fans? (Click For Hayley's Answer)

Toni Gonzalez

About Toni Gonzalez

Well, my last name is Gonzalez and I live in Miami, so needless to say...I'm CUBAN! I have grown up in South Florida from the age of 2 and honestly have zero desire to ever leave.

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