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Posted: 4:11 p.m. Monday, May 12, 2014

TGo Speaks With JLo 



Jennifer Lopez's Album "A.K.A." photo
Jennifer Lopez's Album "A.K.A."
Jennifer Lopez's "First Love" photo
Jennifer Lopez's "First Love"
Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull photo
Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull
Jennifer Lopez With Her Twin Children photo
Jennifer Lopez With Her Twin Children
Jennifer Lopez's "I Luh Ya PaPi" photo
Jennifer Lopez's "I Luh Ya PaPi"

By Toni Gonzalez

Jennifer Lopez is getting ready to release her 10th album, "A.K.A.", on June 17th!

She took a moment out of her busy schedule to chat with me about the new album, her Billboard Icon Award, how lucky her daughter is to be inheriting her closet, and more!

Can you believe she's been making music for 15 years???

First things first, Jennifer, what was the inspiration behind your look on the "A.K.A." album cover? (Click For Jennifer's Answer)

Jennifer, what is your criteria when choosing songs for an album, and how does your new single "First Love" meet that criteria? (Click For Jennifer's Answer)

Jennifer, you are the first woman to be honored with the Billboard Icon Award! Please share your thoughts on that and what we can expect from your Billboard Music Awards performance  on May 18th? (Click For Jennifer's Answer)

By now we know you love working with Pitbull. Is there more of that to come in the future? (Click For Jennifer's Answer)

Now back to that closet! Does your daughter know how lucky she is to one day inherit all that amazing-ness? (Click For Jennifer's Answer)

Jennifer, it's no surprise that you love South Florida, but what's your favorite spot when you come visit? (Click For Jennifer's Answer)

What's your favorite thing in the world to do? (Click For Jennifer's Answer)

Are you still "Jenny From The Block", and what did you learn during the making of "A.K.A."? (Click For Jennifer's Answer)

Tell us about "I Luh Ya PaPi" and what drew you to that song. (Click For Jennifer's Answer)

Last, but NOT least, what's your secret behind the infamous "JLo Glow", and how can WE get it? (Click For Jennifer's Answer)

Toni Gonzalez

About Toni Gonzalez

Well, my last name is Gonzalez and I live in Miami, so needless to say...I'm CUBAN! I have grown up in South Florida from the age of 2 and honestly have zero desire to ever leave.

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