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Posted: 12:37 p.m. Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tegan And Sara In 97 Seconds 


Toni Gonzalez With Tegan And Sara photo
Toni Gonzalez With Tegan And Sara

By Toni Gonzalez

When Tegan And Sara open for Katy Perry's "Prismatic Tour" starting in September, they're going to be shooting fireworks out of their bras!!!  Well...maybe not. But they are going to be on that tour after they wrap up their own "Let's Get Physical" tour which is where we got the chance to catch up with them at Revolution LIVE in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

These twin sisters are busier than ever and popping up in places you'd probably didn't even realize! 

Inside this episode of "Tegan And Sara In 97 Seconds", they discuss their thoughts on the surge in their popularity and what they're hoping the future holds! Enjoy!! :-) 

Toni Gonzalez

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Well, my last name is Gonzalez and I live in Miami, so needless to say...I'm CUBAN! I have grown up in South Florida from the age of 2 and honestly have zero desire to ever leave.

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