Bitsie Tulloch previews Lois Lane's Arrowverse debut in 'Elseworlds'

Shane Harvey/The CW

Bitsie Tulloch previews Lois Lane's Arrowverse debut in 'Elseworlds'

Shane Harvey/The CW

Lois Lane has finally arrived in the Arrowverse.

In this year’s three-night crossover, “Elseworlds,” Grimm’s Bitsie Tulloch will make her Arrowverse debut as the iconic Daily Planet reporter. When we first meet her in The Flash hour, she’s hanging out on the Kent farm with Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Clark Kent/Superman (Tyler Hoechlin). Eventually, Barry Allen/the Flash (Grant Gustin) and Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) pop over to Smallville on Earth-38 because they need Kara’s help after switching lives, and Lois is there to see the highly anticipated first meeting between Superman, the Flash, and Green Arrow.

“It was mostly just kind of funny because Lois doesn’t know them,” Tulloch tells EW about the first time Lois meets the Flash and Green Arrow. “She’s just kind of confused. She’s like, ‘Wait, you’re saying you’re this person, and you’re saying you’re that person? You’re saying you don’t normally look like this?’ So her reaction is different from Clark and Kara’s.”

From there, you can expect her to play an important role in the event’s epic conclusion on Supergirl, which airs Tuesday on a special night.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Looking at social media, it seems like you really enjoyed your experience in the crossover. What was it like to take on such an iconic role?
BITSIE TULLOCH: It was mostly just really exciting. I also felt very honored to be among the group of actresses who have portrayed Lois Lane over time. It’s hard to think of many fictional characters who are as iconic as she is. I obviously knew a little bit ahead of time that I had gotten the role, but I had written something on my Instagram, and I just wanted to communicate to the fans that I took it seriously and that I was aware of not only how iconic is but why, and why she has sustained such an enthusiastic fanbase for 80 years.

It really has to do with the fact, in my point of view, she’s been a very sort of modern woman since the beginning. When she was introduced 80 years ago, she was different from a lot of the portrayals of women that we would see kind of being Susie Homemaker, or maybe demure and deferential to the men, and Lois wasn’t like that. She very much was an independent woman who was career-driven and ambitious, and she adored Clark, but she also ignored him. If he was saying something she didn’t want to do, she’d say, “Okay, but I’m going to do what I want to do.”

One thing I just love about her is that you see Superman is always saving Lois Lane and everything, but that’s because she’s always been so committed to truth and to justice that she was constantly putting herself in danger to get the story out there, to get the truth out there. Especially in 2018, with what’s going with news and journalists getting attacked and everything, to me it’s more important than ever to have a character like that.

It’s cool that the crossover also introduces her as a reporter. When we see her for the first time in The Flash, she’s talking to Clark about a story she wants to write.
Yeah, it’s because it’s always in the back of her mind. It’s true. That’s like a family hangout on the Kent farm, and she’s there and she’s happy to be there, but she’s also thinking about the story.

Did you and Tyler Hoechlin have time to work on your chemistry together as this iconic couple?
Literally, no. That’s the other thing that was so crazy: The thing that probably worried me the most going into this was my chemistry with Tyler, because not only are the two characters iconic in and of themselves, but the relationship is so iconic. I was thinking, “Dear God, I hope I have great chemistry with this guy,” because I had never worked with him before. We really had great chemistry from the beginning. We loved working together, both kind of as friends and as romantic characters. I think we both were really, really vibing the relationship. The scene you saw was the very first scene I filmed, but also that Lois and Clark had together, and it was there. We didn’t have to push, and we didn’t have to fake it.

Is there anything else you want to add?
I just want to emphasize how lovely the actors were to work with. Having done a TV show as long as I did, and that also shot really extreme long hours and often through the night, I really respect how burned-out actors can get, especially halfway through a season when Christmas hasn’t happened yet so nobody’s really had a long break since they started filming in July or whatever. I was really impressed with Melissa, Stephen, and Grant — their energy, their kindness, and the enthusiasm that they had about the crossover.

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