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Posted: January 19, 2018

Dishin’ The Dirt: Women’s March 2018!

Getty Images

By Kelbin Ramirez

it’s time to dust off those sneakers…ladies, what does that mean? The Womens march 2018 is back and it’s going down in late january.

Regardless of your political beliefs the one thing we can all stand by is that it’s amazing what we can do when we decide to work together.

Last year the womens march was a historic, world wide, moment where women took over the streets to represent themselves as well as eachother and the reason im bringing it up of course is because it looks like last year was just the first of many world wide womens marches to come.

Gentlemen, you’re invited too! The march is representing equal rights and justice for women nationwide which is something we can all stand behind…again…regardless of our political views.

Of course the major marches are going down in DC and NYC this year but we’ve got our Miami ladies getting together to and as of now it seems Mana Wynwood is the place to be on January 21.

Marches are taking place allll over the world! If you check out you can see marches taking place all over the uk, Poland, Sweden, rance, Portugal, Greece, African, Australia, New Zealand and so so many more countries.

Hollywood will be live streaming the major marches so you can check that out on their site!


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