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Posted: February 02, 2018

Dishin’ The Dirt: Justin Timberlake Drops Man of the Woods!

...And it is NOT a country album ya’ll

By Kelbin Ramirez

Justin Timberlake has been making some headlines lately, and rightfully so...The man (of the woods) is about to perform in the most televised event this Sunday for the Superbowl and has stated in a NFL press conference that his son will NEVER play football...But the most important headline: JT finally released his highly anticipated Man of the Woods album...and it’s getting some mixed reviews.

Check out one of the excerpts from Esquire:

"Well, I’m here to tell you a little bit of good news: Man of the Woods is not a country album. It’s more like deep-fried Justin Timberlake. It's like stumbling across some awkward campfire party in a clearing in the middle of a forest. It's like eating a handful of poison berries from a bush and finding yourself scared, confused, nauseous, and lost among the foliage ... It’s his infamous denim suit resurrected as music."

Ouch...Ultimately though, who are we kidding?  The album will reach #1 because the superbowl will literally boost ANYTHING even if it is wack or not. Here’s a new music video he JUST dropped with his bae Jessica Biel #Baegoals. 

HITS Fam, have you heard it? What do you think? JT is too busy at Target to care anyway LOL 

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