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Posted: January 08, 2018

Running Disney With Miss Bryan!

By Bryan Carstensen

Resolutions. Some of us set them. But we mostly fail miserably at them. Well last year (2017), I decided I was going to get back in to running. I took a few years off after running over 15 races within less then a year when I lived in NYC, which mostly included 10Ks, half marathons and the culmination of the NYC Marathon. It was an addiction. An addiction that also put me in the best shape of my life!

Running gives me a sense of calm. The only time in my life in a world of crazy communication and openness with listeners where I can be with my own thoughts. It lets me think things through and just “be”. Some people yoga. Others cycle. I run.

I failed my 2017 resolution of getting back out on the road to run. So I signed up for the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend, which took place January 3-7th, 2018. I registered with the ASPCA to help raise money for their cause, because running and protecting the safety and caring for the wellness of pets are my two main things in life. I signed up to raise money, but to also give myself a goal to look forward to something. But that didn’t help. I never got into the swing of training!

I just DID the damn thing. After the holidays, I had a week left before I truly needed to act on doing the WDW Half Marathon on Saturday, January 6th. I hadn’t ran more then 2 miles in over 4 months. How the hell was I supposed to run 13.1 miles!? I decided to do it anyways. It’s Disney. Bucketlist. Dreams. Magic.

I regret NOTHING. I went alone. I went to drove from Fort Lauderdale that Friday, went to the expo and walked around looking at all the shoes, the compression socks, the cute tutus... and something clicked inside of me. I was excited for this! That night I checked in to my room at Coronado Springs, laid out my tech shirt... my running tights... my shoes and I also pinned on my bib. THIS is what I missed. 

The race. 13.1 miles of fun. The most amazing experience I’ve had running was the NYC Marathon. Nothing beats a million+ people cheering you on throughout all the 5 boroughs of New York City. But a Run Disney race comes PRETTY damn close.

We go! Disney 1/2 Marathon

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Starting at Epcot, we ran through Magic Kingdom and even UNDER Cinderella’s castle... all leading back to the magic Epcot ball. And during that 13.1 race, we had the opportunity to stop and take pictures with Disney characters like The Genie from Aladdin, or Captain Jack Sparrow. Even Sebastian from The Little Mermaid.

#genie! @rundisney #wdwmarathonweekend #halfmarathon #disney

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Every mile IS magical, and when I crossed that finish line 50 minutes slower from my last half marathon time (02:45 compared to 01:55), my legs were burning but I felt that sense of addiction. I want more!

That night I signed up for the Star Wars Half Marathon on April 22nd, 2018. 

On top of that, that following Monday I signed up for the Miami Half Marathon on January 28th, 2018!

So if you too, are having issues with your 2018 resolutions... whether its a diet, or getting back in shape... Set a goal. Think about what it will FEEL like to BE back in shape... or to eat HEALTHY again. 

And if you want to run with me at a race, or have a race you think would be AWESOME to run, let me know!

~Miss Bryan

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