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Posted: January 08, 2018

DishinTheDirt: Top 5 Golden Globe Moments

Missed the show? Here are my highlighted favorites!

By Kelbin Ramirez

Alright, so most of these, I won’t lie, are my favorites for the flawless shade and savagery that was bestowed on our TV screens. However, some were hilarious and powerful that needed to be mentioned. 

5. James Franco Swiping That Mic From Tommy Wiseau.

James Franco won best actor in a comedy/musical for his portrayal of Timmy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist and as he brought him up on stage, Tommy tried to speak in the mic and immediately was rejected by James. James SNATCHED that mic back for dear life before Tommy could even get a word in (probably for the best).


4. Debra Messing Was NOT Messing Around.

Guliana Rancic was interviewing Debra Messing on the red carpet for E! News and she totally caught them off guard by mentioning the wage difference between Jason Kennedy and Catt Sadler. Watch the rightful drag here! 

3. Natalie Portman Flawless Shade.

Natalie Portman wasted no time as she was announcing the nominees for best director by stating the fact that they were ALL male. Watch the cringe-worthy moment here.

2. Kelly Clarkson Meeting Meryl Streep is ALL of us.

Kelly Clarkson fangirled over meeting Meryl and her hilarious interaction ended in a sweet chat between the two of them. Check out the adorable clip here.


Reese Witherson said it best…The name that means a verb, an adjective and a feeling… Oprah! Oprah became the first African American woman to receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award. She gave an incredibly impassioned speech that could never be summarized…You just have to watch, trust me. The internet is also buzzing about a possible presidential run for 2020.

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